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About SproutBeat

It all started with a student

What started years ago as a way to customize students’ individual needs in mastering music theory, is now an online platform sharing resources with thousands of passionate teachers and parents across the globe.

New content is added weekly.
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SproutBeat is an iPad app to aid passionate teachers in reaching their students. Finding what your students need was never easier.

Everything you need to know

SproutBeat is simple to navigate and use with pen, marker and eraser tools. There are lots of bright colors and each worksheet can be cleared and used over and over. You can even print them out if you want.


Music teachers all over the world use our worksheets every day.

Stephenie Lee

I love that the worksheets use lots of colour and cute graphics - great for young kids. My favourite has to be the cards on directional reading. A well-thought and invaluable resource.

Karen Warne USA

I must say that Fun & Learn Music is the most awesome I've seen. The worksheets are designed with kids in mind. My students actually ask, "Can I have some pencil and paper home-work?"

Cheryl Wiker USA

I am thrilled to see your worksheets in app form! I purchased your app because it is much nicer to have them organized like this and each one is so well done. My students love it too. Thank you for making your great material available as an app.

Well worth every dollar.

Spring Seals

An excellent resource for any piano teacher. The worksheets are fun, appealing to young students, and are very comprehensive. I love being able to pull out just the right worksheet for each student.

Kate Wyatt Canada

The kids adore the bright colours and fun themes, and always ask to do more! Thank you [for] creating this wonderful resource for piano teachers and students!

Rachel Cheney

These worksheets are fantastic! I use them with all of my students. They make lesson planning so much easier!

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